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The London Borough of Havering (East London, forming part of Outer London) procured TES Small Blue Cameras and associated equipment to monitor:-

  • school streets,
  • prohibited areas for vehicles,
  • bus gates,
  • banned turns,
  • yellow box junctions

The cameras were sourced through a joint procurement exercise with TES’ channel partner, Openview Security Solutions Limited.  The cameras are being rolled out to a variety of locations around the borough.

Each TES Small Blue camera uses ANPR technology and 4G connectivity to detect and transfer encrypted evidential packages to back-office systems.  Havering Council officers are responsible for reviewing these packages using the notice processing software – TES Review Client.  The resulting data is securely transmitted to the authority’s third-party provider for PCNs to be issued.

The Review Client allows council officers to create exemption lists for vehicles that are permitted to use the restricted streets.  An exemption list can be general such as:-

  • buses
  • police vehicles
  • ambulances
  • council vehicles

These exemptions can be used on multiple cameras or it can be specific to a single camera.

The lists are assigned to the relevant cameras and any detected vehicles are checked against the exemption lists, with permitted vehicles being discarded.


Specific Location: St Clements Avenue Bus Gate in Romford, Essex

A TES Small Blue camera has been installed in St Clements Avenue to monitor a bus gate.  St Clements Avenue is located on a housing development and the camera was funded under a Section 106 agreement between the developers and the local authority to restrict vehicles using a particular route through the development.

To ensure that the bus gate work effectively the borough approached the bus companies to obtain the VRMs of the buses that would need to use the bus gate.  TES Review Client was utilised to create an exemption list containing these VRMs.  When vehicles drive through the bus gate their VRMs are automatically checked against those on the exemption list and then discarded if they are permitted to use the restriction.

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