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WPL Manager

A complete WPL (Workplace Parking Levy) enforcement solution.

TES developed the very first ANPR based Workplace Parking Levy system and back office for Nottingham City Council back in 2011.  Their hugely successful scheme is seen as a very efficient alternative to congestion charging with operating costs running at only 5% of the income meaning the majority of receipts have been invested back into the local transport infrastructure.

TES new cloud based WPL enforcement solution ‘WPL Manager’ will allow authorities adopting WPL powers to manage their WPL surveys remotely from any compatible web browser.

The TES WPL solution consists of three main elements, The WPL Manager Back Office, Mobile and Fixed ANPR systems and a dedicated Android App.

Key Features

  • The WPL Manager back office is a cloud-based system and is accessible from any compatible web browser via a secure https connection.
  • The system controls the management of all car park surveys undertaken for the Workplace Parking Levy scheme.
  • WPL Manager processes surveys carried by TES GEN3 mobile and fixed ANPR systems as well as data collected by officers using a dedicated mobile phone application.
  • WPL Manager can also be linked to permit management systems to obtain employer and premise details.
  • Survey data is imported in to the WPL Back office via 4G or Wi-Fi from the ANPR cars and Phone Apps and Fixed ANPR cameras using a secure web service.
  • Each survey is assigned a unique ID.
  • Each ANPR detection contains the vehicle overview image, an ANPR patch plate, the OCR read of the VRM, the car park zone, and the GPS coordinates.
  • The data is imported, indexed and stored in the database ready for the survey review process.
  • The TES Mobile GEN3 system utilises bespoke Windows based software written in house specifically designed to work with the TES WPL manager back office system.
  • The TES Mobile GEN3 system has 4 dual ANPR / overview cameras (8 channels) two at the front and two at the back connected to a powerful processing system.
  • The system utilises a local database with the car park information used for WPL surveys that is automatically synchronized with the back office.
  • The TES Mobile GEN3 GPS to verify the position of detections and its own position within survey zones.
  • The system is independently powered and has its own UPS.
  • The system also has an orange light bar mounted on the roof of the vehicle that illuminates to warn car park users it is in operation.
  • Petrol, Hybrid and Full Electric vehicle options are available.
  • Officers can use a dedicated Android phone app to manage surveys using the built-in phone camera and TES ANPR engine for mobile apps. This is used to record vehicles that may be parked in an area not accessible with an GEN3 ANPR vehicle.

Key Benefits

  • Complete turnkey WPL enforcement solution.
  • Web based management system.
  • Vehicle, Smart Phone and Fixed Camera ANPR survey options.
  • Flexible rental or capital purchase options.
  • Proven technology based on 10 years’ experience of providing the solution for the first WPL scheme in Nottingham.

The TES Solution

TES is an innovative company who have been providing specialised mobile CCTV solutions for over 10 years. Drawing on a wealth of experience in local government Parking & Traffic Enforcement and Community Safety Monitoring, TES combined this with a deep routed expertise in CCTV and associated technologies to produce a local authority first.

A decade later and TES has continued to meet the needs of authorities looking to manage their parking and traffic responsibilities and is now firmly established as the market leader in this field. The capabilities of this base product has allowed the company to expand in to other market sectors.

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