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Our Products


Custom built CCTV, ANPR and Video Recording enabled vehicles for the public and private sectors.


Compliance Display Map (CDM)

Award winning “patented” mapping system. Combines GPS, 4G and ANPR technology to manage controlled parking zones. Provides a real time overview of traffic parking operations.


TES Applications

A range of mobile, desktop and online applications. Designed to work in connection with the TES product range.


WPL Manager

A complete WPL (Workplace Parking Levy) enforcement solution.


Fixed Cameras

The TES Small Blue is unattended enforcement camera system that is used to automatically enforce Bus Lanes and Bus gates and Moving Traffic Contraventions.


Support Services

A diverse range of services designed to meet the needs of our customers.


The TES Solution

TES is an innovative company who have been providing specialised CCTV and ANPR solutions since 2004. Drawing on a wealth of experience in local government Parking & Traffic Enforcement and Community Safety Monitoring, TES combined this with a deep routed expertise in CCTV and associated technologies to produce a suite of integrated products to support these activities.

TES has continued to meet the needs of authorities looking to manage their parking and traffic responsibilities and is now firmly established as the market leader in this field. The capabilities of this base product has allowed the company to expand in to other market sectors.

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