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Moving Traffic Enforcement Solutions

With the  Department for Transport amending the regulations to allow the enforcement of Moving Traffic Contraventions in England under Part 6 of the TMA 2004, TES have provided an overview of the type of Moving Traffic Enforcement solutions.  TES currently provide for clients in London, under the LLA and TfL Act 2003 and in Wales under the 2013 Approved Devices legislation.

TES Mobile Enforcement Vehicle and Small Blue Camera systems have attained approved device certification under the Civil Traffic Enforcement Certification of Approved Devices Guidance, Version 1, Issued 28 February 2008 by the Department for Transport for Bus Lanes and Parking in England and The Civil Enforcement of Road Traffic Contraventions (Approved Devices) (Wales) Order 2013 for Bus Lanes, Parking and Moving Traffic.

It is envisaged that manufacturers that have already attained approval for Moving Traffic in Wales (like TES) would swiftly pass qualification for approvals under any such amendments made to Part 6 of the TMA 2004 for England.

Unattended Cameras

The TES Small Blue is an unattended enforcement camera system that is used to enforce Bus Lanes, School Schemes and Moving Traffic Contraventions.  The system is capable of enforcing multiple contravention types from the same location, requiring no operator intervention.

TES Small Blue sends encrypted evidence using wireless transmission over the 4G network where it can be checked and processed by an operator using the TES Evidence Review software.  Evidence of verified contraventions is then  transferred to a Notice Processing system for further action.

The Small Blue combines an HD PTZ Camera with Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and video analytics to provide reliable high-quality video evidence.  The complete camera system can be mounted on suitable existing street furniture and only requires a 240V power connection to operate.

Unattended Cameras

TES Small Blue Cameras can enforce the following Moving Traffic Contraventions.

Banned Turns.
Yellow Box Junctions.
No Entries.
Pedestrian Zones / Prohibited Vehicles.
Low Traffic Neighbourhood Schemes.
School Safety Schemes
Weight Restrictions.

As well as Bus Lanes, Bus Gates and Red Routes.

Small Blue Cameras are also used at airports and transport hubs to enforce clearways and no parking restrictions in safety critical areas.

Small Blue can manage multiple authorised vehicle lists and link to permit systems in real time.

Mobile Enforcement Vehicles

GEN 1 / 4
TES can provide vehicles on petrol, hybrid and all electric platforms, and can also fit systems to customer issued vehicles. (subject to survey).

TES GEN1 systems are primarily used in Attended Mode with the PTZ camera used to enforce Moving Traffic Contraventions. In Attended Mode, the CEO can drive to a location, switch the system on and begin recording within 3 minutes.  All working evidence is saved to the PC with individual timestamps and can then be transferred to the back office at the end of the via USB drive, Wi-fi or 4G.

TES GEN4 systems can operate in Attended Mode but are also ANPR enabled and can also be used In TES Spotter Mode in conjunction with the TES Compliance Display Map product. The vehicle can be used to patrol zones that are Permit, Pay & Display or Cashless Parking Controlled.

Both GEN1 and GEN4 ‘s can also be used for Bus Lanes and School Keep Clears.

TES Review

The TES Review system can be configured to automatically create the overview, close up and patch plate images for each contravention to customer requirements.

The TES Review Client enables a comprehensive review of video evidence prior to issue of a notice with the ability to integrate with the Notice Processing system.  The application allows timestamps and evidence packs to be downloaded from TES Small Blue Cameras and CCTV vehicles.  Footage can then be reviewed and authorised prior to being sent to the Notice Processing system to initiate the issue of a PCN (Penalty Charge Notice).

Multiple users, individual logins, full audit log.
Auto and manual upload of evidence.
Optional automated look up to check VRM, make, colour etc.
Contravention list.
Authorised lists, vehicles can be added at point of detection.
Pixilation tool.
Report generator.
VCA Approved.

Compliance Display Map

Operators can view the status of their Small Blue fleet via the Small Blue Map interface in TES Compliance Display Map.  Cameras are displayed by their geographical location.  The panel on the right-hand side displays the list of devices with device name, total detections and vehicle count information.

By default, the map displays the current day’s detection information.  By hovering over a camera location, a dialogue box indicates summary information for each camera including, vehicle counts, number of detections etc.

The map has a live connection with ‘TES Review’ for remote monitoring of cameras if the camera icon is Green its on line, Red indicates a potential issue.

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