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Slough Council have deployed 20 Small Blue Cameras to monitor Bus Lanes and Bus Gates on their busy road network in Berkshire.

The system was originally supplied through TES channel partner SABA UK in 2019, who operate the cameras and carry our review of evidence on behalf of the Council using TES Review Client software.

Slough town centre as well as surrounding industrial & business parks are impacted by traffic travelling along the busy ‘M4 corridor’ between London and South Wales, adjacent to the town.  Bus Lanes were installed to keep the traffic flowing.

Each camera utilises Automatic Number Plate Recognition and 4G connectivity to detect and send evidence of contraventions to back-office systems.

White lists containing the VRM’s of vehicles allowed to use the bus lane (registered buses, taxis etc.) are maintained on the TES Review Server so that these are ignored by the cameras to reduce false positive detections.

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