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London Borough of Southwark, through its contract with TES channel partner APCOA, have deployed a fleet of 14 Mobile Enforcement Vehicles that are TES Spotter™ enabled.  The fleet is comprised of:

  • three GEN4 systems allowing Attended CCTV and ANPR based Spotter™ enforcement
  • six GEN6 ANPR Spotter™ systems
  • five Twizy ANPR Spotter systems

These are exclusively used in Spotter™ mode for the enforcement of cashless and virtual permit-controlled parking zones.

All systems are based on Renault electric vehicles, the compact Twizy is ideally suited to operate in some of Southwark’s narrow one-way streets.

Southwark has 23 Controlled Parking Zones (CPZ) across the borough, which include on and off street restrictions for residents and visitors, operating at various times and days throughout the week.  It would be impossible for CEO’s to cover all of these large CPZ’s on foot on a daily basis – manually checking endless bays for valid permits etc. is a time-consuming activity.

The TES Spotter™ vehicles enable the enforcement teams to cover more ground in less time.  The Spotter™ system carries out a check of each parked vehicle using ANPR and only flags up vehicles that may be in contravention.  This means CEO’s concentrate their efforts on potential contraventions rather than having to manually check every vehicle which would normally be the case.

The CDM platform provides comprehensive reports from the Spotter™ vehicle and CEO activities tracked in real time, that allow the management teams to monitor performance and identify and correct issues with deployments, permit data, configuration data, mapping etc and streamline enforcement activities.

Detailed reports are produced across the borough, down to CPZ level allowing the council to monitor compliance.  The data produced by the reach of the Spotter™ vehicles enables them to identify areas with parking stress and non-compliance that had previously not been identified and schedule resources accordingly.

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