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GEN6 system is an ANPR only system for use in Unattended and Spotter mode only.

It is used predominately for the monitoring and enforcement of controlled parking zones on street and car parks including: –

  • Resident Permits / Visitor Schemes.
  • Cashless Zones.
  • Pay and Display.

Other uses: –

  • ANPR based surveys to test parking stress, identify parking trends.
  • Wanted vehicle detection.
  • DVLA Vehicle Excise Checks.

GEN6 and Spotter Mode

In Spotter Mode the GEN6 can be used to patrol zones that are Permit, Pay & Display or Cashless parking controlled. Using GPS, the TES Cap software automatically polls authorised vehicle lists as it approaches a controlled parking zone. Any potential contraventions are flagged and sent to the CDM app on the Smart Phone of the CEO / operator for action.

Detections can be viewed in real time or retrospectively via the cloud-based TES Compliance Display Map platform, end users can run reports to analyse the detection rate, compliance levels for each parking zone down to bay level.


GEN6 and Compliance Display Map (CDM)

Compliance Display Map (CDM) is a TES cloud-based application that uses GPS tracking and 4G based technology to help manage parking and traffic enforcement activities. The TES ANPR vehicle and Civil Enforcement Officer’s Hand-Held Computer or Smart Phone are registered with the Compliance Display Map so they can be tracked by the system using GPS.

Detailed maps of the Controlled Parking Zones with the corresponding TMO data are created in the system and enforcement areas mapped to ‘parking bay level’ by using the built-in CDM tools or by importing pre-existing council GIS mapping data (polygons) into the system. The mapping is automatically sent to the ANPR vehicles by the CDM server.

All ANPR vehicles and phones registered with the system are displayed on the map showing the area covered by that device.

Using built in GPS the software in the TES ANPR vehicles automatically downloads the authorised vehicle lists (for example residential permits, cashless parking sessions, exemptions etc.) as it approaches a controlled parking zone. The ANPR cameras read the number plates of vehicles parked on route and any vehicles in contravention are flagged up and sent to the TES Compliance Display Map server.

The Compliance Display Map web service identifies the Civil Enforcement Officers working with the ANPR vehicle and sends the details of any potential contraventions to the CDM app on their phone including an image of the vehicle, the VRM and its precise location on street.

The Civil Enforcement Officer then checks the vehicle again, and if required issues a Penalty Charge Notice using their standard operational procedure. They update the ‘Job Status’ on their CDM app (Issued, Compliant, Vehicle moved etc.) so the CDM system is informed of the outcome of the alert.

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